Who we Are?

We have come a long way and that has made us present ourselves before you with a mix of humility as well as pride. We are Oaj e Kamal, an organization specializing in three areas: Consulting, Coaching and Certifications. 

Oaj e Kamal is a combination of two words from Arabic which are equally used in Persian and Urdu. Oaj meaning ultimate height or zenith and Kamal translating into Excellence, thus the word Oaj e kamal would mean height of excellence and that has acted as a totem for us.

To this day we have ensured that our standards of performance take after our organization name.

Highlights of Our Work:

Conducted over 1400 training sessions and trained more than 60,000

Have worked and trained people ranging from University students, fresh graduates, Young Officers to Directors, Board Members, MDs and CEOs.

Our team has over 30 successful consulting projects that have lead to organization uplifts in education, social, services and industrial sector.

Have received an overall average feedback of 90% plus throughout our work.

We have developed over 83 topics through research, feedback, experience and genuine innovation. Our contents are unique in Pakistan and comparable to any of those being delivered in the globe.

Our Training of the trainers session have been declared as one of the best and comparable to any other such activity around the globe by some of doctorate holders.

We have developed gradually keeping a principle centred approach. And we are proud to have laid foundations of long term success.

To This Day Our Work Speaks Of Itself!