Planning without implementation becomes only a waste of resources and creates a barrier in creating any such future attempt. Implementation is everything when it comes to business success.

Our Implementation Workshop will prepare you at four key areas:

  1. Focus on DCGs (Difference Creating Goals)
  • Learn to discover your most important goal
  • Learn the questions to ask to discover it
  • Learn to prioritize
  • Using the power of team focus (a team should focus on only 1-2 difference creating goals)
  • DCGs must be achieved
  • Each team must choose its own DCG
  • Each DCG must be defined in clear outcomes and a closing date. 
  1. Act on Control Factors (CF):
  • Define Controlling Factors and Effects. We cannot control when and how often a car breaks down on the road (effect), but we can control how often we give it a good maintenance service (controlling factor).
  • Find relevant data and information regarding CFcontrol factor.
  • Use inherent prediction ability with CFs
  • Finding right CFs and working on them
  1. Keep Score: 
  • Making sure everyone knows the score
  • How much has been done? and how much is remaining?
  • People disengage when they do not know the score?
  • Without scoring, team members do not know if they are winning or losing?
  • Scoring Tool
  • Simplicity
  • Visibility
  • Must show CFs and their Effects
  • Must be able to show in a single look (5 seconds) if team is winning or losing
  1.  Creating Routine of Accountability 
  • How to set weekly DCF session
  • Setting duration
  • Setting agenda for DCF sessions
  • Accounted for Commitments
  • Reviewing scoreboard
  • Make adjustments and set new plan