For Individuals: Getting Things Done

The concept and philosophy of personal productivity can be explained in one line:  Getting Things Done, When You Want and How You Want Without Stress.

 This program focuses to equip participants at increasing Personal Productivity at work, which immediately impacts/translates into Organizational Productivity.

 The participants will learn the following:  

  • Become totally productive at work
  • Master the art of managing your limited resources: time and energy
  • How to form long lasting habit of productivity?
  • Working style of best leaders
  • Mastering your attention
  • How to have more energy, be more relaxed, have more
  • Clarity and more accomplishment at work?
  • Becoming high performing professional
  • Change the way you organize
  • How to enjoy your 100% presence in a moment?
  • How to develop thinking habits which will protect you from burning out?
  • You will practice a practical profound approach
  • Adaptable methods to any situation, project or nature of work
  • Learn today, apply today, get results today
  • How to stay on top of your schedules?
  • How to be mentally relaxed while at the same time achieving maximum from your day?
  • Be able to make the best choices and decisions at work
  • Stop being victim of endless distractions
  • Mastering focus
  • Learn what to delegate

People with the following needs are addressed:  

  • Who want to achieve maximum return on his time and energies spent at work
  • Who want to deliver and complete his project and assigned task with minimum or no stress
  • For those who have tried several time management tools and attended several workshops but have not yet benefited
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed by work
  • For all those who have to consistently fight with an always increasing “ to do” list
  • For those who are stressed by work and do not know how and when they will be able to truly relax?
  • Who have not been able to relax or become stress free since they got their job
  • For those who cannot enjoy their 100% mental presence at anything and anywhere because something else is always on their mind
  • For those who have to meet deadlines and for whom stress is second name of their work

A Really Beneficial Program: for people from a range of sectors including:

  • Software Houses,
  • Accountancy And Tax Professionals,
  • Government Officials Working On Significant Important
  • Projects With Deadlines
  • Construction Firms,
  • Health Industry Professionals,
  • Banking And Insurance Sector Senior Executives,
  • Corporate Offices,
  • Large Scale Manufacturing Units,
  • Marketing Teams,
  • Sales And Business Development Heads And Teams
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals, Entrepreneurs And
  • Self Employed
  • Development Sector And Ngo Workers
  • Academia And Research Professionals
  • Marketing and Distribution Channels

 Application: The tools, techniques and tips shared with audience in this program are universal in their application. Any executive or worker can immediately learn and start using and start benefiting from them. The tools can be applied to, but not limited to:

  • Industrial and Service Sectors
  • Professionals and Non-professionals
  • Work and Personal Life application.
  • Technical or non-technical
  • Vocational or pure academic
  • Formal or informal sector

Value Addition:

  • Improved productivity
  • Master the art of managing your limited resources: time and energy
  • Focus, clarity, attention and accomplishment at work
  • Having more energy while achieving more
  • Developing culture of high performance in the organization
  • Change the way you organize
  • Prevention from burning out?
  • Learn today, apply today, get results today
  • Staying on top of your schedules
  • Ability to make the best choices and decisions at
  • Work
  • Ending distractions, mastering focus and learn what to delegate

All the above mentioned details are available as a Coaching and Training Module as well as can be offered as a consulting assignment to develop Personal Productivity among your people.