Cost Reduction Measures

Cost Reduction Measures: Analysis, Tools and Implementation

  • Analyzing Profitability at product line, product  and customer level etc

  • Developing and modifying Product Pricing systems

  • Profit and Loss Forecasts

  • Investigating and reporting on Production Efficiencies, Work Order Variances, Scrap Analysis, Stocks and Other Key Performance Indicators

  • Annual Budget Preparation including labour and cost of sales budget

  • Providing financial analysis support to assist Decision Making in Relation to Introduction of New Products/Services, Operational and Supply Chain Activities, Contract Negotiations etc

  • Conducting Closing Stock Evaluation

  • Conducting Performance Appraisal involving various departments, processes, employees and the organization as a whole

Cost Reduction Tools:

  • 5 S system implementation

  • 7 QC Tools

  • Lean Management Systems

  • Time and Motion Studies