The changes in how businesses are run today have made a drastic change in the approach of finance department. Finance today is a business partner. 

The traditional role of providing accurate financial reports in a standard pre-set format is transformed to providing Financial Insights and Predictions from numeric form.

Focusing on Financial Analytics can help answer strategic questions of significant value:

i. How much risk an organization is exposed to while working with a particular client?

ii. What will be the impact on working capital?

iii. How business processes can be made more efficient?

iv. Are we investing appropriately based on capital / revenue?

v. How much our product mix is profitable?

vi. What particular channel to adopt to market and sell products?

vii. Which market segments offer optimum profits?

The Analytics  include but are not limited to:

  • Ratio Analysis (Profitability, Liquidity, Activity, Returns, Risk etc.)

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Analysis of Financial Statements

  • Cost Analysis

  • Pricing Decisions

  • HR Metrics

  • Lease, Borrow or Buying Decisions Consultancy

  • Business Evaluations

What Benefits to Expect?

  • Futuristic Approach: Turn raw digits into calculated predictions and ability to forecast.

  • Make Data Meaningful: Turn raw data into meaningful insights.

  • Develop A Whole Picture: Combining data from all sources makes it easier to see a bigger picture.

  • Confidence In Decision Making: Make your decisions on the basis of numeric facts and be in a better position to trust your decision making.