Excellence Consulting

Though Excellence has many aspects and many tools to achieve like TQM, TPM, 5 S, 7 QC Tools, Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma, but these tools are limited to their application in context of human psyche.

If people do not TRUST their LEADERSHIP or the top management or the consultants who are trying to IMPLEMENT any of the above mentioned tools or who are using any other tool, desired results will never be obtained. Excellence will never be achieved.

Excellence, thus has three main pillars:

  1. Trust Creating
  2. Implementation and
  3. Leadership

These three cannot be compromised at any organization level at any stage of its growth, yet interestingly are most often ignored. These three areas are often most complex to work with and difficult to install and integrate among people.

“We have often heard that once lost, it is very difficult to regain trust”. The quotation is quite true in the corridors of management as well.

We at Oaj e Kamal have done some extensive work at these pillars of excellence.

For further information visit the following pages to find out more about our philosophy on TRUST, IMPLEMENTATION and LEADERSHIP and how we can teach your people on these.