Productivity and Performance Improvement

One of the most important and urgent issues faced by professionals today is How to Increase Personal and Organizational Productivity. Most of us do not find ourselves doing what they are truly capable to do. We  are under-performing and as a result Organizations are Suffering.

 The Reasons:

1. Lack of Formal Training on Productivity:

We have no formal training on improving Personal Productivity. The reason being we are never taught or trained at schools, colleges, universities, and even on the job about how to improve productivity, increase focus, command our attention and get things done and that too in a relaxed stress free manner. We are only asked and commanded to focus, be more productive, get more done; but rarely a manager knows “How To Increase Productivity?”

2. Limiting Beliefs:

We have somehow thought and accepted it as truth that high performance cannot be achieved without stress. Research today has proven that Stress Free Productivity can not only be achieved but adds to Genuine Quality of Work and Personal Life.

Focusing on Two Areas: We have divided our work at productivity in two areas:

Personal Productivity:

focusing on how individuals can improve their productivity and performance and get things done by the end of the day, the week or the year.

The concept of Personal Productivity is ideal for service sector and where the work basis is of more personalized nature like I.T houses, consulting firms, accountancy practices, law firms, architects and engineers etc.

Organizational Productivity:

focusing on how Total Quality Management Tools like 5S (Five S), Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma can enhance industrial /organizational or departmental productivity.

Both courses combined can prove to be an excellent tool for overall optimum productivity and performance improvement.