Real Estate Sector

Marketing and Sales Partner Oxford Street , Royal Heights Towers (1800 units of inventory)

  • 360 Degree Sales and Marketing Consultancy
  • HR, O.D,
  • Sales, Branding, Marketing, Social Media,
    Venue Uplift and Product Value Addition For Real Estate Project worth PKR 18 billion.
  • Venue uplift and cosmetics
  • Main Gate /Entrance, Internal structures branding
    Website development and management
    Social Media Management and Optimization
    Data mining and collection for sales data
    Sales team development and training
    Organization Development and HR Planning,
    Management and Control
    ATL and BTL campaigns for the project.
    Dealers network development and management  

Multiplierz Group (Private) Limited

  • ¬†Real Estate Investments and purchasing portfolio
  • Proposal Evaluation, Pre-investemnet Assessment and contract development
  • Social Media Team Management
  • Sales and Dealership network

HIRTRC (Private) Limited

  • Development of Hierarchy,
  • Human Resource Management
  • Development of Hierarchy and O.D
  • Reporting Lines, Salary Grades and Remuneration Design for Sales Team
  • Sales Team Hiring and Training
  • Call Centre Management
  • Project Book Design and Content Development
  • Management, Project Book Content Development and Design