We have a unique model to develop leadership at three levels:

1. Personal Leadership Focusing On Self:

  • The first step: where to begin?
  • How to set Personal Vision?
  • How to become self disciplined?
  • The Habit Change Process: from Undesired to Desired
  • Goal Achievement Process
  • Abstaining Pre-requisites
  • Self Assessment and Evaluation
  • Creating Personal Rudder
  • The Birth Of Loving Oneself
  • Achieving Transformation

2. Team Leadership Focused on Immediate Team:

  • How to connect their team to the  Mission, Values, and Vision of the organization.
  • Involve team members in the growth process of organization by making them how their jobs are contributing to the organization’s goals.
  • Giving and making them understand their value
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs about team, each other, particular team members
  • Clarifying Values of individual team members and taking commitment to respect them in the team
  • Developing Team Identities
  • Setting criteria for Team Behavior
  • Planning on how one’s team can execute most important goals
  • Develop a clear Team Purpose Statement

3. Organizational Leadership Focused at Developing Leaders For The Whole Organization

i. Developing Integrity for Trust: 

  • Creating Foundations of Trust
  • Creating True Follower-ship
  • How to develop Vision for Desired State?
  • How to see to start seeing?
  • Disciplining Oneself for Leadership

ii. Giving Purpose to Followers: 

  • Knowing clearly first
  • Trusting your purpose
  • Rejecting lower alternatives
  • Defining quantifiable actions towards purpose
  • Neutral Evaluation

iii. Develop Systems 

  • Developing Systems through People, Procedures and Order of performing activities. 

iv. Assessment 

  • Identification of Processes
  • Enlisting activities and tasks
  • Process Mapping
  • Defining/Identifying process metrics

v. Improvement

  • Evaluation of process
  • Finding gaps between current and desired state
  • Defining actions needed to fill the gaps
  • Taking actions (improvements)

v. Support People At Discovering Their True Strengths / Support Future Leadership

  • Knowing your team
  • Awareness of engagement levels
  • Engagement to deeper level: the complete individual
  • Appropriate encouragement
  • Appropriate rectification