Our Certification Partner

GAQM Accreditation Letter Converted


The Professional Training Certification Programs offered by Oaj e Kamal are backed by certifications from GAQM.

The successful candidates in the Training Certification Programs offered by Oaj e Kamal will receive certifications from GAQM.

Oaj e Kamal is accredited training and testing centre by GAQM: https://oajekamal.com/our-certification-partner/

To avoid any misrepresentation and providing truthful information to our clients, please be noted that the below mentioned links reflect accreditation hierarchy for our certification partner GAQM and not for Oaj e Kamal.

GAQM is accredited by ASIC for its certifications: http://www.asicuk.com/international-directory/

GAQM is accredited by ASIQUAL as well: http://www.asiqual.com/become-an-asiqual-centre/asiqual-centre-list/val-centres

ASIC is again one of a number of international accrediting bodies listed in the international directory by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in the USA and is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG): http://www.cheainternational.org/intdb/display1.asp?ID=c164

ASIC is also a member of the Quality Standards Steering Group: : https://www.naric.org.uk/naric/Advisory%20Council/Quality%20Standards%20Group.aspx

Please also view: http://gaqm.org:8080/gaqm/elearn/aisaccredidation

We hope the above links satisfy your query with respect to accreditation status of our certification partner.