Oaj e Kamal is a professional organization with three focus areas: Consulting, Coaching and Certifications. Each area is further segregated into specialized segments.

Oaj e Kamal started off as training division of its parent firm 12AM (pronounced as Twelve Ay Em) in 2003 and started independent operations in 2005.

To this date we have conducted over 1400 training sessions, involving 60,000 people from over 300 national and multinational organizations working in Pakistan. We have 20 successful consulting projects to our credit, the number of which is growing.

Meanings of the Word: Oaj e Kamal is composed of two words “Oaj’ and “Kamal” which have their roots from Arabic, although equally used in Persian and Urdu. The word “Oaj” means “Height” or “Zenith’, while “Kamal” means “Excellence”. Thus the words together reflect our “Pursuit for Excellence”.

We believe our own performance is our last reference against which we have to improve.

To this date, our work speaks of itself.