Most of us have a misrepresentation of happiness. Since we have a wrong picture of it, we never find it. It is like finding a treasure with a wrong map.

Happiness is more than possessing things, or celebrating events or having a long weekend. Neither happiness is an achievable objective. It is much beyond fun, partying or enjoying booze.

We have done some extensive work on happiness. 

If for some reason, you find it difficult at being happy continually, contact us for an appointment.  Our coaching sessions are of ONE hour duration typically.

Attend our One on One Coaching session on happiness and start seeing life with a different lens: a lense of profound joy:

In and beyond the context of your personal issue you will learn and be able to discuss:

  • What happiness is and what is isnt?
  • What to do to be happy?
  • How to change your feelings?
  • Define your life as it is and what it is not?
  • Handling anger, anxiety, stress and fear.
  • Understanding Grace.
  • How to know you are happy?


For appointments on coaching contact: +92 321 5355 055