Customized (In-House) Training Programs

Our In-House work is great. We take special heed to address clients’ needs.  The benefits are obvious for people who know training:

a. Customized programs.

b. TNA based trainings

c. Cost Effective Solutions

d. Teams groomed over a range of time

e. Greater Interaction

f. Trust built with the trainer

g. Traceable Improvements and expected growth

Through out our work we have received a feed back of 90% plus from our participants. We have run customized training programs for our clients in the following areas:

1. Senior Executives Development Program

2. Behavioral Competencies Compliance Models

3. Vision Development and Permeation

5. Personal Productivity

6. Organization Productivity

7. Belief Cycles and Altering Values

8. Leadership

9. Communication Skills With NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

10. Sales and Business Development

11. Achieving Goals With Limited Resources

12. Gender Communication and Handling GBV

13. Monitoring and Evaluation

14. Zen Life Styles: Stress Management