Our Specialized Products

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Vision Motion Scoring (VMS) ©

Multipurpose tools to develop, clarify, transmit organization vision to its people and while enabling them to conduct their daily operations in alignment of the vision. VMS is a single tool usable at strategic, tactic and operational, all levels of management to assess their performance and reward people accordingly.

Vision Permeation and Competency Profiling:

A technique used to ensure that organizational vision is understood deeply and has seeped to the deepest level of workforce and thus people are profiled with their competencies against it.

Professional Devleopment Through Self-Evaluation and Assessment© (PDSEA):

A unique tool developed by Oaj e Kamal enabling executives and educationists to improve and develop their weak areas through knowledge acquired through self assessments.

Raising Organizational Optimum Level (ROOL) ©: 

A unique tool and technique developed to eliminate organizational inefficiencies and discovering organizational optimum points at different levels and departments in the organization to create an overall optimization of resources, time, finances and work force engagements.

Clean Language Implementation© (CLI):

Verbal fluff is the enemy of mutual understanding and comprehension. CLI is a tool to replace verbal fluff with language that creates straight, directly comprehendible, ambiguity-free communication. An excellent tool for an organization where email is a regular game.

Peak Performance ©:

Originally developed for sportsmen, women and screen starts who need to perform at their peak levels even under stress and lean time lines. The program was extended towards executives who are engaged with the same level of stress and who cannot compromise on their performance levels.

Duplication of Excellence ©: 

We dig into an organization or its teams. We identify the success or excellence factors. We find the trends. We duplicate it to the rest of people using tools from NLP, Gestalt, Silva etc

Senior Management Strategic Coaching:

A program designed for senior management preparing them for handling challenges of decision making and running an organization at its top level.

Creating Lean Teams©:

Some times 5 people can do better than 15. Designing lean teams is a science involving designing right organogram, accurate JDs, eliminating operational inefficiencies, excluding non-essential operatives and defining clear line of responsibilities and reporting. We do that when we undertake a project titled creating lean teams.

Motivational Vulnerable Points(MVPs):

People have their motivational vulnerable points, which  when touched, can be genuinely and truly motivated. It takes years for team leaders to find those and some times a life time. Finding MVPs can be crucially significant for enhancing performance of Sales Teams, Creative teams at Media houses, developers at software firms and sports performers.