Open Enrollment Courses

Our training programs are designed to harness and sharpen the skills and knowledge base of your personnel. We thus offer Open Enrollment Programs carrying the following benefits:

  • Off the shelf programs
  • Addressing immediate needs of training for organizations
  • Excellent for Generic Management and Leadership Topics
  • A great tool to develop Essential Skills for workforce
  • An opportunity for participants to see what is happening in other organizations
  • Highly interactive and experiential training methodology

Our training methodology is based on proven adult learning techniques and latest tools of psychology and business management. The techniques used in our training workshops are highly interactive and experiential. Our typical workshop contents consist of:

  • Structured Exercises
  • Power Group Discussions
  • Video Presentations
  • Management Games
  • Lectures
  • Exercises
  • Diagnostic Tools

Audience Size: We have addressed audience size from 24 for workshops to mega training sessions /seminars for large sales groups of 400 people and above.

Training Locations: Both in house and /or out-house sessions can be conducted for our clients, depending upon the organization preference, budget, number of participants etc.

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