Sukoon e Qalb (Handling Stress Through Zen)


What is stress and what is stressing your inner self most.

How to identify what is it that is affecting their inner peace? (This is extremely important, because we are often misguided by symptoms).

Difference between joy and laughter.

What is true and genuine recreation and how they can benefit from that?

Know the different between legitimate and illegitimate pain.

Learn the first and most basic important yet most ignored principle of tackling life.

How to begin?

To create lifestyle free from stress.

Develop stress free habits.

Learn how to practice and start listening effectively and the levels of listening.

The basics of ZEN habits.

The concept of time.

The art of breathing and how to enjoy breathing?

How to meditate?

The myth of connectivity.

Defining true value to others.

Growth, Love, Time and Self (Zaat)!

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